Voting for the 2018 Glenn Shepard
Excellence in Leadership Award

Will Open on 6/1/18

Previous Winners:
Kyle Smith, M.D.
Veracity Innovations

Temple, TX


2017 winner Dr. Kyle Smith being presented with
the trophy and a $1,000 check from Glenn Shepard Seminars by Rod Henry, President/CEO of the
Temple Chamber of Commerce in Temple, TX. 

The winner of the 2017 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award was Dr. Kyle Smith, CEO of Veracity Innovations in Temple, TX.

He was nominated by Tammy Stallings at Veracity Innovations.
The following is an excerpt from her nomination:

Have you ever met a person that you were amazed with their many talents and creativity? Well, my nomination is that guy.  

His name is Kyle Smith and he is a man of great character and integrity and someone that anyone would enjoy being around. His talents are too many to mention. When he sees a need for something to be done or something to be changed, he takes action.  

Here are just a few examples:  

1. In December of 2002, he offered me the position of program coordinator for the residency program that he was the director of at the time at a major medical center in Central, Texas. I was able to watch him interacting with the young physicians who obtained training through the program. The physicians who trained under his leadership gained so much more than knowledge. They grew to be better men and women during their time as a resident and looked up to him for many things.  

2. He saw a need for these young physicians to have an avenue to become involved in medical missions all over the world, and he has served as the President of Project Vision, which is an organization that provides monies and opportunities for them to be able to serve the less fortunate in other parts of the world.  

3. In January of 2009, he founded Integrity Digital Solutions which is an electronic medical record (EMR) to improve the lives of eye care professionals and their patients through innovative digital technology. Electronic medical records at that time were not as advanced and didn’t meet the need, so he saw the need and created Integrity EMR which is one of the best, if not the best, EMR available for use now.  

4. With his retirement at the end of 2016 and with the success of Integrity, he felt the next need would be to add a surgical planning aspect to work in conjunction with an EMR. So, in October of 2016, he decided to devote his full attention to Veracity Innovations, which is the surgical planning piece. I am fortunate enough to work with him again after his retirement and my retirement in March of 2017. I am sure that this surgical planner will be the cutting edge of technology for use by eye care professionals.  

His leadership ability and his ability to create such great products and outcomes to better enrich the lives of those around him is totally amazing. He is the nicest, kindest, and most hardworking person you will meet. He says, “It’s people, not things that matter”. He is one person that matters and is a blessing to so many.  

With all of the above being said, did I even mention that he is a retired ophthalmologist who is still working to make the lives of patients the very best they can be? He never gives up when he’s on a mission. Also of note, the names of the two companies above: Integrity and Veracity...

Congratulations to Dr. Smith on this well deserved honor.
Kathi Vidrine
Steamboat Bill's Seafood and Crawfish

Lake Charles, LA


2016 winner Kathi Vidri being presented with the trophy and a $1,000 check from Glenn Shepard Seminars by George Swift and
Paula Ramsey of the
Southwest Louisiana Economic Alliance.


The winner of the 2016 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award was Kathi Vidrine, owner of Steamboat Bills seafood.

She was nominated by her daughter, Paige Vidrine. The following is an excerpt from her nomination:

"Have you ever met someone who has an unnatural ability to overcome, accomplish and inspire? My mother, Kathi Vidrine, is a person like this! She lived in poverty most of her life, working hard as an entrepreneur just trying to get ahead. Raising three young girls alone was hard for her, but she always found a way to make ends meet. When she relocated from Chicago to Louisiana, she started peddling shrimp on the side of the road. Because of her integrity and good business sense, she was able to win the hearts of the local business men and women. This helped her to gain the business required to expand her operation and buy a shrimp dock.

Years later she was able to open her first restaurant. Each year after opening, she faced horrible circumstances. From fires that nearly destroyed everything she built, to crooks who tried to strip her of all her success, she always found a way to overcome those terrible circumstances with a smile on her face. Thirty- five years later, her humble beginnings have transformed into supernatural blessings. With four existing franchises and five more opening within the next few years, Kathi Vidrine has embodied the American Dream.

Her attitude and heart has inspired thousands of people over the years. Her generosity and kindness to the young, poor and elderly has touched more hearts than you could imagine. She's a teacher, a leader, a coach and a friend. You'll never forget an experience in her presence. Her spirit is that of a giant living in a pint sized body!  If anyone deserves to be recognized for their leadership ability it would be her!"

Congratulations to Kathi on this well deserved honor, and to these other finalists:

Alexis Witt
Transamerica Retirement Solutions
Los Angeles, CA
Nominated by Lindsey Schleenbaker of Retirement Strategies, Inc. in Atlanta, GA  

Craig Urbanke
Statewide Agency Inc.
Rome, NY
Nominated by Charlene Taylor of Statewide Agency  

Dr. Larry McIntire and Mr. Rudolph Farber
Joplin Regional Medical School Alliance
Joplin, MO 
Nominated by the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce  

Gina Spagnola
President & CEO
Galveston Chamber of Commerce
Galveston, TX
Nominated by Mary Jo Naschke of M.J. Naschke Public Relations, Vincent Tramonte of Joe Tramonte Realty, and U.S. Congressman Randy Weber

Jack Kepley
Troop 448
Salisbury, NC
Nominated by Howard Torrence, District Executive, Boy Scouts of America  

Jared Freeman
President & CEO
ASE Credit Union
Montgomery, AL
Nominated by Lori Cummings of ASE Credit Union  

Rick Tebay
Plant Manager
Jack Link's Beef Jerky
Alpena, SD
Nominated by Randy Wahlert of Jack Link's Beef Jerky  

Shelea Monroe
Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Nashville, TN
Nominated by Doris Wilson of B.F. Myers Furniture in Nashville, TN  

Wendy Egli
Martin Brower
Dickson, TN
Nominated by Quintin Knight and Ealon Matheny Martin Brower Company

Tom Jurich
Athletic Director
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY



2015 winner Tom Jurich, University of Louisville Athletic Director, and Jack Sauers, GM of the University of Louisville Golf Club.


The winner of the 2015 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award is Tom Jurich, Athletic Director at the
University of Louisville

He was nominated by Jack Sauers, GM of the University of Louisville Golf Club.

The following is an excerpt from his submission:    

“The most difficult part will be reducing the contributions and accomplishments of our boss on paper. He came to the University of Louisville in October of 1997 after serving as Athletic Director at Northern Arizona University and then Colorado State University.

His upgrades of all facilities for both men and women have transformed the landscape of downtown Louisville.  

His reputation around the area is beyond reproach and explains why he is the second highest paid Athletic Director in the country.

He is a coach’s best friend.

He supports his players, but stands firmly behind his coaches and gives them the opportunity to succeed.  

So many have benefited from his leadership including but not limited to the following:  

• The City of Louisville
• The Commonwealth of Kentucky
• Jefferson County, KY
• The University Athletic Department
• The University of Louisville
• The Alumni and other Cardinal Sports Fans
• All area hospitality businesses   

The growth of Cardinal athletics has led to more recognition for the school, city and state. Through his equal focus on both women’s and men’s athletics there has been a growth in athletic participation in all sports. Recently, the University of Louisville was named in the top 3 of all NCAA Division 1 athletics. This is an ultimate measure of the success of our leader.”

In addition to the trophy, Tom received a new Microsoft Surface Pro from Glenn Shepard Seminars to commemorate his achievement.

Mary Victor
Executive Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Black Hills
Rapid City, SD 


2014 winner Mary Victor of Big Brother Big Sisters, Shannon Truax of McKie Ford Lincoln, and
Linda Rabe, President/CEO of
Rapid City Chamber of Commerce.

The winner of the 2014 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Awards Mary Victor, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Black Hills.

She was
nominated by Shannon Truax of McKie Ford Lincoln.

The following is an excerpt from her submission:


Mary exemplifies women in leadership.

She teaches leadership by example.


She seeks out people on their level, so she can help raise them to the next level.


She encourages women to use their skills and talents to support each other as they journey toward success.


She freely shares her experience and knowledge with everyone and has spent her life helping women and families create support systems and locate the resources to be successful.


For 8 years, she served as Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Black Hills (BBBS). She serves as member of the steering committee which created a local program called the Women’s Community Leadership Initiative (WCLI). This program is a no cost leadership education program for women of lower income, to assist them in gaining leadership skills and creating a professional network.


When grant funding ran out, Mary stepped up and offered to run the program under BBBS. She helped utilize resources to generate community support through donations to continue funding this exceptional program. She helped implement an increased level of support by matching professional women from within the community as personal mentors for each woman who successfully completes the WCLI training. She then walked her talk, by matching herself with a graduate.


As the Executive Director of BBBS, she's obviously had an impact on numerous families in the community. She's a passionate woman who's down to earth and resourceful. She uses her humor and bold personality to encourage and inspire the many women and families she comes in contact with.


I have personally benefitted from her leadership in many ways. As a single parent, I am grateful to the support of BBBS in matching my children with mentors who continue encourage and support them, creating a lifelong bond with their “Bigs”. As a graduate of WCLI program, I have a personal appreciation for the lives she has enriched through her efforts to make that program a success. She continues to benefit our community through her work to grow this program for the women who would otherwise struggle to obtain the training and guidance it provides.


She retired from her position as Executive Director of BBBS in November 2014, although she will continue her volunteer work with WCLI. She is leaving behind a legacy of caring, compassion and accomplishment.



 Dr. Devin Stephenson (L) and Steve Halter (R)

Steve Halter

Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce

Poplar Bluff, MO


The winner of the 2013 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award is Steve Halter, President of the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce.


He was presented with the award and a $1,000 check from Glenn by Dr. Devin Stephenson, who is president of Three Rivers College and Board Chair of the chamber.


2012 Winner

Marta Rose (L) and Laurie Olshefski (R)

Laurie Olshefski

Shimmering Seas Jewelry

Panama City, FL


The winner of the 2012 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award is Laurie Olshefski.


Laurie owns Shimmering Seas Jewelry and Jake at the Beach in Panama City Beach, and The Fitness Fetish Family Sport & Beach Shop and Shimmering Seas Jewelry in Seaside, FL.


She was presented with the award and a $1,000 check from Glenn Shepard Seminars by Marta Rose of the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce.




Mike Minar (L) and Dan Schuster (R)

Mike Minar


Dairy Queen
West Bend, WI


The winner of the 2011 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award™ is Mike Minar.


Mike works is a supervisor at Dairy Queen and was nominated by Dan Schuster, who owns two Dairy Queens in West Bend.

He was presented with a new Apple iPad by Glenn Shepard Seminars.






Gina Shelton

Rent One

Vincennes, IN



The winner of the 2010 Glenn Shepard Excellence in Leadership Award is Gina Shelton.


Gina is a supervisor at Rent One and was nominated by her regional manager, Dusty Ray. He based his nomination on the seven steps in Dr. John  Maxwell’s book "Success One Day at a Time".

She was presented with tickets to a special sold out Garth Brooks concert courtesy of Glenn Shepard Seminars.


She is shown here being presented with the award at a company meeting at the O'Fallon Regency near St. Louis.




900 Old Hickory Boulevard

Brentwood, TN 37027

(615) 353-7125