Why It's So Hard to Find People Who Want  to Work



There was a time when showing up for work on time, every day, and doing your job was a given.

But those days are long gone.



These days, people think the world owes them something.



We've gone from "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" to "How many paid vacation days do I get, and how soon can I start taking them?"

And they think they deserve the best of everything just because they have a pulse. If I see one more young couple whining on HGTV that their starter house doesn't have granite countertops, hardwood floors, and enough room for "entertaining",  I’ll scream.




If You'd Wear It to the State Fair, Don't Wear It to Work



When I was in college, we were taught to dress for success.




Glenn's Rules of Work


But these days, job applicants show up for the interview wearing flip flops. An HR director who attended our seminar in North Carolina said his administrative assistant showed up for work one morning in her pajamas.



Underwear Is Not Optional



A hospital administrator who attended our seminar in South Carolina had to add "underwear is mandatory" to their policy manual after a young woman came to work wearing scrubs that were way too small and "going commando".



You Don't Get a Trophy Just for Showing Up



There was a time when people were taught to work hard and they'd be rewarded.


But those days are long gone too.

Now people - especially younger employees - expect to be rewarded for mere participation, instead of actual achievement. They think raises should be automatic, and that it's "unfair" if they have to actually earn them.




Don't Read Your Text Messages While a Customer's Talking to You



And as for office etiquette, that's become a joke.



Managers who attend our seminars constantly tell us about job applicants who text or take calls during the interview.



A manager who attended in New York had a job applicant who actually asked her to step out of the office during the interview, while he took the call.


Is It Possible for Gen-X and Millennials to Work Together?



We now have three generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Generation Y/Millenials) comprising one workforce, but with three VERY different ideas of what it means to be a professional.



 Our work ethic is going down the tubes.



While politicians talk about creating jobs, none have the guts to talk about how many good jobs go unfilled because employers can’t find people willing to work.



A manager who attended our seminar in Omaha said the joke in her company is that if an applicant can fog a mirror and pass a drug check, they're hired.




It Would Be So Much Easier if Employees Came with an Instruction Manual




Now more than ever, America needs good managers that know how to manage, motivate, and keep the best people.



Unfortunately, most people are thrown into management with little training.



This is why The Glenn Shepard Management Seminar was help managers find, hire, manage, motivate, and keep the best people. And, how to legally fire them when things don't work out.



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