There's a BIG Storm on the Horizon...



I've personally heard it from coast to coast.



People are complaining about it all over the country. But they're scared to say it out loud because they're afraid they'll "offend" someone in this politically correct world. So I'll say it for you. In fact, I'll scream it from the top of my lungs...



"The work ethic in our great country is going straight down the tubes and if that doesn't change, we're in BIG trouble!"



There was a time when our workforce was known for its productivity, but now it's becoming known for its entitlement mentality.




People today think the world owes them something.



I can’t even watch HGTV with my beautiful bride anymore – especially “Property Virgins”. If I hear one more twenty something couple whining that they don’t want a house because it doesn’t have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, I’m afraid I’ll break the TV.



If You'd Wear It to the State Fair, Don't Wear It to Work



When I graduated college, we were taught to dress like professionals if we wanted to succeed. We read the John T. Molloy book "Dress for Success". We listened to ZZ Top sing "Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man".



But today, job applicants show up for the interview wearing flip flops. An employer in


 North Carolina told me his administrative assistant showed up for work one morning in her pajamas.



I thought we had sunk as far as we could go when employers had to start updating their policy manuals to specify that no undergarments should be visible. Then a hospital administrator in South Carolina told me they had to update their policy manual to specify that undergarments must be worn, and began telling young female employees that they needed to "Cover the three B's at all times".



People think it's okay to wear anything to work these days!



Raises Are Earned, Not Given



There was a time when people were taught to work hard and they'd be rewarded. But an increasing number of people today think they "deserve" a raise just because they've been there six months, even though they haven't done ANYTHING to increase their value to the company. We've gone from “How can I serve my company?” to “How many vacation days do I get and when can I start taking them?”



And as far as office etiquette, well, that's becoming a joke for many people.



Managers who’ve attended my seminars from California to New York and just about everywhere in between have told me about applicants who take cell phone calls during the interview.



One applicant even asked the manager to step out of the office while he took the call!



Can Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y Work Together?



We have Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Generation Y comprising one

workforce, but with distinctly differently ideas of what it means to be a professional.



I’m a proud American and love my country. When I became an Eagle Scout over thirty years ago, I was taught to appreciate all the freedom and opportunity we have as Americans. I believe those still exist.



But our work ethic is going down the tubes and if that doesn’t change soon, all that freedom and opportunity will be for naught.



Where Are All The Good People Who Want to Work?



While politicians pile on the rhetoric about creating jobs, none of them mention how many jobs go unfilled because employers can’t find enough people willing to work.



The only thing more scary than the declining work ethic is the increasing skills gap. How ironic that the unemployment rate has doubled over the past decade, yet thousands of good paying jobs go unfilled every day.



A manager who attended my seminar in Omaha told me they were so desperate for labor that if an applicant could pass their “Five Step Process”, there were virtually assured a job.



The five steps were:



1.  Show up for the interview

2.  Fill out an application without "too many" misspellings

3.  Fog a mirror

4.  Pass a drug check

5.  Pass a criminal background check



Now more than ever, America needs strong managers and smart business leaders that know how to find, manage, motivate, and keep the best people.



Unfortunately, employees don’t come with an instruction manual. And most managers are thrown into management with little training.



This is why I’ve made it my life's work to show managers and business owners how to attract, manage, motivate, and keep the best people.



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